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Company Profile

In its global export territories, ANSAC operates as the sales, marketing and logistics arm for three leading producers of natural soda ash in the United States. Together Genesis Alkali, Tata Chemicals and Ciner Resources Corporation, export approximately 4 million metric tons of higher quality, environmentally friendlier natural soda ash, making ANSAC the largest soda ash exporter in the world.

Established in 1984, ANSAC is headquartered in Westport, CT (USA) with regional sales offices in Miami, FL (USA), Hong Kong (China) and Singapore. Under the direction of dedicated staff at these offices, the company uses a worldwide network of distributors and service organizations to meet our customers' needs, with a focus on the Latin American and Asian markets.

ANSAC is committed to providing unparalleled support that allows our customers to better manage their supply chains, minimize costs and increase efficiency. This, together with our ability to supply high quality soda ash, has uniquely positioned us to help our customers produce superior glass, detergent, chemical and other products to meet worldwide consumer demand.

The three US member companies supplying ANSAC with high quality soda ash are:

Each of these companies have committed to support ANSAC in our quest to meet the needs of our overseas customers. Through four plants operating from the Green River Basin of Wyoming, our members process trona ore into soda ash. This area contains the largest reserves of naturally-occurring high quality trona on earth, with deposits estimated at 100 billion tons, which is enough to supply the world's soda ash needs for many hundred years.