Dense Soda Ash

Manufacturers of quality flat glass, glass containers, lithium batteries and detergents rely on the purity of ANSAC dense soda ash in making the world-class products their customers demand.

Medium Dense Soda Ash

Quality detergent manufacturers look to ANSAC medium dense soda ash as an attractive alternative to ANSAC dense soda ash or synthetic light soda ash.


ANSAC is committed to providing international glassmakers, lithium battery producers, detergent manufacturers, chemical processors and other users with quality natural soda ash when and where they need it. We maintain a large international network of service representatives, agents and distributors who are committed to delivering outstanding logistical support to our customers.

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ANSAC Increases Export Prices by US$25.00 per Metric Ton

WESTPORT – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Effective July 1, 2024, American Natural Soda Ash Corporation (“ANSAC”) announced today that it is...
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ANSAC Confirms Withdrawal of Tata from ANSAC Membership

ANSAC Now Wholly Owned by Genesis Alkali ANSAC Retains Exclusive Control of Portland Terminal 4 WESTPORT, Conn., January 3, 2023...
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ANSAC Announces Natural Gas Surcharge

Effective January 1, 2022, ANSAC will implement a natural gas surcharge on all shipments of soda ash to our customers...
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