ANSAC is committed to providing international glassmakers, soap and detergent manufacturers, chemical processors and other users with quality soda ash when and where they need it. We maintain a large international network of service representatives, agents and distributors who are committed to delivering outstanding logistical support to our customers.

We have the expertise, resources and personnel to ensure timely delivery, clean transfers and cost-effective distribution of bulk quantities of soda ash.

ANSAC soda ash is exported on qualified ships that are contracted with first class owners. Additionally, ANSAC uses several flag ships dedicated to soda ash transport. A constant, steady supply of soda ash leaves our ports located in Portland, Oregon and on the Gulf of Mexico

Land transport is by rail cars that are used exclusively for soda ash service. All ships, loading facilities and rail cars are thoroughly inspected for cleanliness and suitability for soda ash.

ANSAC makes an extraordinary effort to maintain quality at every point of the distribution process. We work with selected distributors in many countries who operate modern warehousing and redelivery systems.

Through our strong international network of service representatives, agents and distributors we are able to assist our customers with services that include just-in-time truckload delivery, warehousing, and packaging/bagging.

Since the shipment of bulk product across oceans is an inherently risk-based venture, ANSAC maintains a global network of partners who keep local inventories of our soda ash. In this way, we are able to spare our customers from any disruptions caused by a temporary lack of supply due to weather-related shipping delays.

We understand that our customers depend on soda ash for their production needs and we are committed to providing superior logistical support throughout the supply chain to meet these needs.