September 1, 2017 Update

To ANSAC Customers and Supply Chain Partners,

We have continued to monitor the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on our operations at Port Arthur, Texas. While we remain hopeful that the terminal has not suffered significant damage, the Kansas City Southern railroad and Kinder-Morgan, our terminal operator at Port Arthur, remain under Force Majeure. This prevents ANSAC from moving product into the Port Arthur area or loading product on any ships that might be able to dock at Port Arthur.

As a result, ANSAC has made the difficult decision to declare Force Majeure on all of our Port Arthur operations, including ships scheduled to move into Port Arthur and any customer shipments scheduled to originate from Port Arthur. We will continue to assess the situation and work with the railroads and our terminal operator to restart loading operations and shipments as soon as safely possible.

Please contact your ANSAC Sales and/or Logistics contact if you have any questions regarding this notice.